• How does international transit at New Delhi airport work?
  • Passengers connecting to international flights at India Gandhi International airport will be met by the ground staff from the airline of their next flight. Arriving passengers should follow signs for Transit/Immigration. Airline officials will be present in the immigration area and will escort transit passengers to a waiting area for their next flight.

    It is standard procedure for the airline official to ask for and retain your passport and a copy of your ticket so that they can check your reservation and issue boarding passes if necessary. Check-in counters typically open four hours before departure . If check-in has commenced for your next flight, the airline will process and return your documents pretty quickly. If you have a longer transit and check-in has not started for your next flight, the airline might retain your travel documents till the check-in counters, which are not accessible to transit passengers in the waiting area, have opened.

    Passengers staying in the airport who have checked their baggage to their final destination do not need to collect their baggage. However, passengers may sometimes be asked to identify their baggage. Passengers with over-night transit who wish to stay in a hotel will need to clear immigration and customs and collect their baggage. Passengers changing airlines in Delhi may need to re-check baggage if the airlines do not have an interline agreement in place between them. Please check with us for more information.

    The waiting area in Terminal 2 where international flights arrive and depart has a restaurant, duty free shops, internet café and a snack bar. A state-of-the-art Terminal 3 is expected to come into service in the later part of 2010.

  • How do I change my travel dates?
  • Please call or email us if you need to change your travel dates. Please be advised most airlines charge a fee for such changes.

  • Do you sell tickets to destinations outside South Asia?
  • We offer discounted tickets to most destinations in the world.

  • How do I get credit for my frequent flyer program?
  • At the time of making a reservation, please provide us with your frequent flyer program and number. We advise all passengers to double-check with the airline at the time of check-in to ensure your frequent flier number is on record. Depending on the airline and frequent flyer program, you may need to submit your ticket and boarding passes to the airline after your travel has been completed.

  • What forms of payment do you accept?
  • Most airlines accept major credit cards. Payment methods may sometimes vary by airline and ticket. We will advise you of acceptable payment methods for your ticket at the time of making the reservation.

  • Will I need travel insurance? Do you sell it?
  • We recommend you check the coverage available under your credit card, homeowners and medical insurance policies before purchasing travel insurance. Pumori does not sell travel insurance. For customers who have booked with us and wish to purchase travel insurance, we will be happy to refer you to partner companies who provide the service.

  • Will I need a transit visa? (Nepalese passport)
  • Nepalese passport holders traveling via Abu Dhabi, Bahrain, Bangkok, Delhi, Doha, Dubai, Frankfurt, Paris, Singapore, Tokyo do not need a transit visa.

    London: Nepalese passport holders do not require a transit visa if:

    • You hold a valid US or Canadian visa and your ticketing includes a visit to the US or Canada.
    • You hold an onward ticket for travel by air via the UK when leaving the US or Canada within 6 months of your last date of entry to the US or Canada with a valid US/Canadian visa
    • You hold a USA Permanent Resident Card issued on or after 21 April 1998.
    • You hold a Canadian Permanent Resident Card issued on or after 28 June 2002
    • You hold a valid Category D visa (normally printed on a red/pink sticker, green stickers do not qualify) issued by EU/EEA member states, which are valid for more than 3 months. bullet You hold a valid EU residence permit.

    If you do not qualify for an exemption based on any of the above, you will need to apply for a UK Direct Airside Transit Visa.

    Hong Kong: Nepalese passport holders do not require a visa if:

    • You hold an unexpired US Visa
    • Your transit time in Hong Kong does not exceed 12 hours.
    • You have an onward ticket from Hong Kong on Dragon Air or Cathay Pacific. If you are traveling by any other airline in or out of Hong Kong, you may need a transit visa.

    If you do not qualify for an exemption based on the above, you will need to apply for transit visa from the nearest Chinese embassy or consulate.

  • Will I need a tourist visa? (US passport)
  • US passport holders require a tourist visa for Nepal and can either apply at the nearest Nepalese embassy or consulate in the US or get one upon arrival at Kathmandu airport.

  • How do I book an infant?
  • Call us at 617-213-0452 for assistance with booking infants.

    Please let us know if you need a bassinet seat. We will put in a request to the airline at the time of booking. These seats are subject to availability and usually not guaranteed by the airline till check-in. Infants on bassinet seats must be six months or younger at the time of travel.

  • I have more questions!
  • Contact us directly if you have any questions.

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